It’s hot and humid, I can’t go grocery shopping, and I don’t have a/c, so cooking... bah, humbug. I made strawberry peach smoothies, strawberry pear smoothies, and sweet cornbread donuts with a brown sugar glaze. Real food? Eh. Overrated.

I have loads of canned goods on hand right now (thank goodness!), so the pears and peaches were canned, the strawberries were frozen, and I found some vanilla yogurt in the fridge (I won’t even tell you when it expired, but it was still sealed and perfectly good!) I used vanilla almond milk for the little kids instead of yogurt. I love my blender.

The donuts... well, yesterday, Oldest opened up a can of corn, took one bite, and said, “Ew!” because it was creamed corn. He stuck it in the fridge, but nobody here likes it. I was trying to figure out what I could do with it without turning on the oven. I have a Babycakes donut maker (which I got for $2!!), sooooo... I made sweet cornbread donuts. Cornmeal, gf flour, sugar, baking powder, ground flax seed, eggs, almond milk, vanilla, olive oil, and the creamed corn. I made a brown sugar/powdered sugar glaze for them using the last of the almond milk.

They. Were. Fabulous. I was trying to glaze them and put them on a tray to harden, and people kept snatching them as soon as I put them down! There were 24 donuts, and they were gone in maybe 15 minutes. I wish I had pictures!

So, what’s for dinner at your place?

(Question: Should I do these posts every night, or just a couple times a week like I’ve been doing?)