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Hey, y’all! Last night, Bestie and I cleaned out her freezer to see if we could fix the built-in ice maker (spoiler: we did). After chipping out almost an entire shelf’s worth of ice, we had a tableful of half-defrosted stuff that really needed to be used anyway. So... dinner tonight was a very random assortment of stuff we threw on the grill. There was 1 small steak, 2 medium sized steaks, 4 bacon wrapped pork medallions, 2 hamburgers, 2 teriyaki boneless chicken breasts, 1 lemon pepper chicken breast, 4 beer brats, and 5 spinach and cheese chicken sausages!

Obviously, not all of this was eaten, since it’s just Bestie, me, and my younger 3 boys right now. Husband, Other-Husband, and OldestSmacks left Saturday morning (O-H and OS will be back tomorrow), and Bestie’s girls went to their dad’s on Friday (they’ll also be back tomorrow). But there are plenty of leftovers for lunch tomorrow!


Along with the vegetarian’s nightmare on the grill, I made foil packets of cubed potatoes and sliced onions with salt, pepper, and garlic olive oil and tossed those on the top rack of the grill. There was also canned peas (hey, we’re healthy! It’s a veggie!)

My dinner was one of the medium-sized steaks (which was deliciously rare), potatoes, and peas. What’d you have for dinner?

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