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Dinner thread

Anyone want to share what they made or ate for din-din? Last time I went to the store I found some packs of Italian turkey snausage BOGO plus with $1 off stickers so I grabbed some cherry tomatoes and made my favourite pasta. Brown the sausages and remove from pan, put in some onion and garlic if you have it. The sausage residue was nearly burnt so I poured in some sweet ice wine business that has been in the fridge and needed used up to deglaze. Then dump in the sliced tomatoes, slice the sausage up, and cook it all together. The tomatoes release just enough liquid to make it a bit saucy for the pasta but the skins stay crisp. It’s good if you have other veggies to add in, especially broccoli or spinach. Six year old approved.

Cooked anything good lately you want to share?


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