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I was reading the chili thread about an hour ago, and I just couldn’t resist. Yup, I made chili! It’s about the only thing (besides tuna casserole) that everyone here loves, so I made a huge pot of it, and it’s about half gone already.

Thin-sliced top round was on sale the other day, so I chopped that up and fried it with onion and spices, added homemade tomato, pepper, and onion sauce and diced tomatoes, black beans, pink beans, refried beans, corn, chipotle salsa, taco seasoning, and a bunch of other spices, and thickened it with mashed potato flakes so we could eat it in tortillas. (Don’t tell me it’s a chili-type stew. It’s tasty and filling and spicy... it’s chili enough!)

It’s that week again where I have $0 until the 14th, so I’m just using what’s on hand. We’re going back to Bestie’s in a day or 2, so it’s not a big deal. Creativity FTW!

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