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Welcome To The Bitchery

Dinner Thread!

Food and I are not friends right now, but Other-Husband made me a dinner that I could eat without getting sick. It was what I’m going to call an avgolemono-style casserole (no, keep reading! It was good!)

He used orzo pasta, canned cream of chicken, lightly sauteed onion and canned mushrooms, dijon mustard, and lemon juice. He cooked the orzo in the soup, and thickened it with mashed potato flakes. I put all the stuff into a recipe maker, and it came out to about 7 grams of fat per bowl, which is surprisingly low. Could be lower if we used low-fat cream soup, but that was what we had. Could add some cheese and/or canned peas or carrots, too. It is delicious as it is, creamy and slightly lemony. Almost-MIL and I both loved it!


Kids are having hot dogs and mac and cheese or plain pasta and O-H is having cheese and crackers. Husband will eat at work tonight, so he’ll get pizza or fried chicken (the lucky duck).

So, what’s for dinner, GT?

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