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Dinner Thread

Tonight I am making something I’ve never made before, though I know it is a pretty basic food. Curried potatoes with poached eggs. I had some leftover potatoes (from my garden!) from the beef roast I made yesterday. They didn’t have a lot of flavor, so I figured they would work for this. It is probably far from “authentic”, since I combined a bunch of recipes I found online, mostly a combination of Budget Bytes Curried Potatoes with Poached Eggs and Coconut Vegetable Curry.

I sauteed some grated ginger and minced garlic in coconut oil for a little while, then added curry powder. Then, I mixed in the leftover potatoes and let them fry a little. I added a small can of tomato sauce and half a can of coconut milk, some frozen peas, and some frozen broccoli and let all that simmer until thickened. Then, I made two little wells and added an egg to each, covered it, and let it poach. I’m going to eat it with naan.

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