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Dinner Thread!

I’ve been running all day on about 2 hours sleep, there’s been the usual chaos (including 2 kids home from school), and then, the frickin’ car breaks down, miles from home. In the rain. Ugh. By about half an hour ago, I was soooo hungry, but I couldn’t think of anything to make for dinner. There were leftovers (nacho stuff and hamburger stew), but... ehhh... didn’t really want those. The GF kids are over at the neighbour’s, so I could pretty much make whatever.

A little digging around, and, voila! I pulled out pre-made gyro meat strips and pita breads. Sadly, the last cucumber was, well, not edible, so I skipped the tzatziki sauce and topped the gyro sandwiches with a couple of fried eggs. Mmmmm mmmmm so good!

Oldest has never liked gyros, never would eat them, but today, he decided to try a piece of the meat, and realized that he does like it, it’s the tzatziki he dislikes. So, hooray! He tried something new!


So, y’all, what’s for dinner?

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