We’ve been working so much for my mom that dinners have mostly just been whatever snack stuff she has on hand, with the occasional pizza or burger thrown in. Pitiful, considering how much I usually cook!

Tonight, though, we cooked. Sort of. Frozen butternut squash ravioli and jarred alfredo sauce that we jazzed up with some extra cheese, garlic, and spices. It wasn’t gourmet, but it was damn tasty. Unfortunately, it’s not GF/DF, but the kids are making nachos and digging out leftovers, so they’re happy, too.

Last night, O-H made these amazing fried Chinese dumplings with a chicken, mushroom, onion, and garlic filling. They disappeared so fast, I only got 3! Really, really good stuff.

We were watching Martha’s Cooking School on CreateTV earlier, and she made gnocchi. That’s first on my list for the next time I have enough energy to properly cook. Looked so good! She put the boiled potatoes through a hand food mill, which is such a good idea. It acts like a potato ricer, and it makes the dough lighter, apparently. I want to try!

What did you have for dinner, and/or what have you cooked lately that you’re pleased with? Any plans for future meals? Food talk, commence!