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It’s hot, we went swimming for a couple hours, there’s a ton of bits of this and that in the fridge, and no one had the desire to cook much, so I made grilled sandwiches for the younger kids and myself.

There were 2 gf hamburger buns left, so I pan-toasted those. On one, I put liver sausage, some shredded sheep’s milk cheese, a thick slice of tomato, and some lettuce. That was for BabySmacks. Sandwich, giant homemade pickle spear, and potato chips, with a Pepsi (it’s vacation).

The other bun I toasted, topped with a pile of shredded sheep’s milk cheese and 3 slices salami, then more cheese. LittleSmacks3 doesn’t like lettuce or tomatoes, so his was plain. Also served with chips and a pickle.


I toasted a whole wheat hot dog bun, topped half with some shredded mozzarella and a slice of tomato, sprinkled with garlic salt. The other half was liver sausage. Smoosh those together, and you have a tasty sandwich.

What did you have for dinner?

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