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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Dinner Thread!

We’re at home for this week, but it’s been hot as blazes. As hot as it is outside (into the low 90's) my airless misery of an apartment is a good 10 degrees warmer, so, damned if I’m going to use the oven!

It’s also the day before I can go shopping, and so I’m working strictly with what’s on hand. Lots of canned goods and dry stuff (flour, sugar, etc.), but absolutely nothing fresh.


I made gf/df blueberry cornmeal waffles with white chocolate chips. Canned blueberry pie filling and canned coconut milk, my last egg, and some olive oil for the liquid part. Cornmeal, gf flour, the last of the baking powder, ground flax, some powdered egg replacer, and a bit of sugar and salt for the dry. Mix together, stir in half a bag of allergen-free white chocolate chips, and you have what is essentially candy for dinner. It’s been a terrible week, we needed a treat!

What’d you do for dinner?

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