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Dinner thread (aka Uh, god, I'm hungry)

Let's talk about fooooood!

My period's been bonkers lately (like, bonkers) so I no longer have any idea when it's going to come. I might be PMSing (who knows?!) but one thing is for sure: I want to eat everything that nears my face.

Tonight, I stopped at our killer burrito place and grabbed veggie burritos for me and Homey. These burritos are so big, I usually have a hard time finishing one. Not tonight! I plowed right through that thing and now I'm running through the food inventory in my head, trying to decide what's next.


How about you? What did you eat? What are you about to eat? FEEEEEEED MY BRAIN!

(Not an image of my actual dinner but I could totally eat this thing right now!)

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