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Dinner Thread!! (and, hi, I'm back!)

Got home from Bestie’s today. Having left OldestSmacks and LittleSmacks3 here for nearly a week with Husband (they were both sick, so didn’t want to go to Bestie’s), the kitchen was a complete disaster, and the fridge is practically empty. 3 more days til shopping day, so it’s improv time!

BabySmacks helped with the idea, and Other-Husband helped with the cooking, and we created a one-pot meal with GF pasta, frozen broccoli, a can of salmon (spines removed. ew.), some peccorino romano, and mayo. Came out pretty darn tasty.

For dessert, I made no-bake peanut butter balls with Special K Touch of Brown Sugar cereal, ground flax, golden raisins, half a jar of reduced-fat Skippy, and some honey. I rolled it into a dozen balls and put them on greased foil in the fridge for an hour. Yum. Sweet, crunchy, and more or less healthy.


I’ve got 4 enormous zucchini and 2 huge cucumbers sitting on my counter, which a neighbour dropped off from the community garden, and the 2 cabbages from my own garden, so tomorrow, I’m going to do something with those.

What’d you do for dinner? Tell us about it!

ETA: Anybody have any good ideas for a package of 4(?) turkey wings?

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