I have a cold (or, more accurately, I hab a code. Damn stuffy nose) and so I wanted all the garlic tonight. I finally got to go and do a big shopping trip this past weekend, so we have Real Meat (hot dogs are not Real Meat, imho, just an adequate substitute) for the first time in weeks.

I made a sirloin tip roast (4+ lbs at $2.99/lb! I felt like I was getting away with something!) with a chile and garlic spice rub, and roasted root veggies with red and black pepper and peccorino-romano cheese. The veggies were potatoes, carrots, turnips, onions, garlic, and (I know, not a root veg) the last quarter of a head of cabbage. The roast was a little more done (it was distinctly medium) than I like, but I almost never have such a nice cut of meat, and so I’m used to cooking roasts in the crockpot, so... now I know to only do it about 22 minutes per pound in this oven.

I was hoping for leftovers for sandwiches and/or soup, but there’s barely a scrap left! Boys are bottomless pits!

How about you, GT? What’s for dinner?