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Dinner thread + food question

Come! Share your culinary efforts! Dinner tonight was one of those, “Uh... what do I have in the fridge/pantry that won’t take much effort...?” deals. Kids asked for nachos, and we had tortilla chips, so that settled the “what”, I just had to sort out the “how”. I ended up getting creative with canned goods, because there’s not much in the fridge besides condiments (and there’s a lot of those... Husband tells me I have a problem! I tell him the only problem I have is when I don’t have the sauce I want!) So, the answer to the question was chicken chili nachos!

Chopped onion, big can of chicken, taco seasoning, chile and garlic seasoning, can of hot chili beans, can of Ro-Tel tomatoes, about a cup of salsa, a couple packets of fire sauce from Taco Bell (what? They come in handy!), and the rest of the avocado and salsa sandwich spread I made yesterday. Fry the onion, add the chicken and seasoning, toss the rest of the stuff in there, and simmer for a bit. I dumped a big spoonful on top of a plate of tortilla chips, topped it with cheese (goat’s milk Monterey Jack for the little ones, extra sharp cheddar for the rest), and picante sauce. Oh, and plain 0% Fage yogurt for me and LittleSmacks2.


So... that question I had... I thawed out a big pack of chicken pieces today. They’re from the food pantry, so it’s unlabeled and I can’t quite tell if they’re bone-in or boneless. I think they’re boneless, though. It’s about 3-4 pounds of random sized pieces, ranging from scraps to (what looks like) thighs. I am, quite frankly, sick of chicken. We have chicken all. the. time. because it’s cheap and the canned variety is gf and easy to use. I usually go with either Mexican style or Asian (teriyaki or sweet/sour), but those are both getting old. I am at a loss of what to do with this bag of chicken pieces! It’s hot and muggy, so I’d rather not use the oven. I do have a crockpot.

I have loads of spices/sauces/condiments/etc. No fresh veg except lettuce, 1 sweet potato, and 1 giant white potato. Lots of canned and dried fruits and veggies, though. No money to go shopping, though. We’re gluten free/cow’s milk dairy free, but I can re-engineer just about anything, so hit me with your best shot!

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