Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Dinner time

After yesterday’s lovely 75° temps it went back up to 96° today. So, I made a nice cold summer roll in a bowl. Rice noodles, peanut sauce, red pepper, cucumber, and carrot. Plus I got a rotisserie chicken and tossed some of that on there. Anything good in your house tonight?

On a slightly related note, I’m very white, nobody could deny that. But, few things make me want to say “come on white people, get it together like a recipe for a sauce that warns multiple times for you to not smell the fish sauce because “it smells deathly” and “if you use it, you’ll never want to cook with it”. There are literally comments with people saying they ignored the warnings and sniffed it and almost barfed. I mean, mine is just the Megachef brand that I bought at my local grocery store, so maybe I’m missing something. But to me it basically smells like soy sauce with a little something extra. Definitely not anything I would describe as bad though...


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