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Updated Dionne Warwick a forgotten great singer

When one thinks of great sixties female singers its Aretha Franklin, Barbara Streisand, Diana Ross and Gladys Knight. Maybe its me but Dionne Warwick is never mentioned. As a chiod my mother played Burt Bacharach songs and the piano and had his records. Which singer sang most of his song? Actually Burt and his partner Hal David wrote with which singer in mind? Diomne Warwick. There are few singers to do runs like her and to sing fast tempo songs clearly and exceptionally as she could. Bacharach/David songs were not easy songs to play nor to sing. I would say of all pop writer and musical writers theirs rank as the most complex, pop infused with jazz influence. Yes too many folks think of her as the psychic friends lady but her 60s and early 70s work in music is what she should be remembered for.


Updated this song is about a woman singing about her boyfriend who is in Vietnam. Its a Vietnam War era song.

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