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Diplo Steals Art, Sexually Harasses Artist

Rebecca Mock is a cartoonist and artist of some renowned. She's done magazine covers, gifs for major brands and has a graphic novel coming out this year. She also just got her work stolen by Diplo.

Diplo, who I hadn't realized was THIS much of a complete douchebag, used one of Mock's gifs as the background image on an Instagram clip of a song he's working on. One of Mock's fans alerted her to the theft and she tried to reach out to Diplo to get him to remove the unauthorized gif and give her credit. Diplo had two ways he could have approached this; apologize, credit the artist and take the Instagram post down OR sexually harass her, insult her and her fans and act like a spoiled child. Spoiler alert, he did not do the former.


Here are so screenshots I took with my phone in case he deletes his Tweets (I doubt he will though, he seems proud of his behavior). Disgusting, shameful stuff. Diplo comes out looking like a complete and total asshole. I bet he'd be furious if someone sampled one of his songs without credit or payment but refuses to do the same for an artist. If that isn't cognitive dissonance I don't know what is. Way to be a gross, hypocritical manchild. Taking a look at his Twitter account, it looks like this is par for the course for him. He's flippant, rude and basically just a complete dick.


Charming. Nothing screams "I think I'm so clever" like dismissive hashtags and emojis. You sure showed that artist you STOLE from. This seems to be a chronic problem with him, though...

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