My friend keeps coming over when she's sick. Like she'll be here for two hours and then tell me she's running a fever and has a sinus infection. And today she showed up at a meeting with a horrible cough. She continued to cough all through the meeting, not covering her mouth because she was knitting. Another woman was there with the same cough, also not covering her mouth because she was knitting.

I have a disease which screws with my immune system. Because I had whooping cough a few years ago, I'm particularly susceptible to respiratory diseases. I've mentioned this to my friend a couple times, but she's completely oblivious to her behavior.

I'm pissed. I'm trying SO HARD not to get sick. I wash my hands constantly. All my work is electronic so I'm not touching student papers.

My friend is super super sensitive and gets angry easily, so I have no idea how to say anything to her. But I'm pissed. I get that she wanted to be at the meeting but seriously, way to not give a crap about infecting everyone else.

Any suggestions?