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Dirty Dancing 2017 Not That Bad. Shocked I Was

I thought it was not bad.

A) I liked how they fleshed out the characters more. Penny and the sister were more fleshed out along with the parents.

B) Colt Frattes as Johnny. Great dancing. Well it is his profession. He gave more a James Dean vibe then Patrick Swayze. Horrible singjng voice. A star was not born but he should have lots of chances now. If they remake East of Eden he would be my first choice. I liked his performance more then Breslin’s.


C) The music was at times awful. Who did that horrible, nay vomit inducing cover of Hungry Eyes. I seethed listening to it. Its NOT let me repeat NOT a song to be sung like one is half asleep. Its a primal song about lust.

Here is the original scene.

D).I really thought the sisters should have been reversed. I would have cast Sarah Hyland as Baby. I felt the Baby’s sister came across as younger and more innocent in this version. Hyland more reminded me of Grey then Breslin did.

E) I preferred the original in a lot of ways and I still believe its overrated. But I liked the illusion of happily ever after. This version they go their seperate ways.

Also I think it would have been better if the time jump was to 1986 not mid 1970s.


F) Time Of My Life Song so, so, so bad. Why did they sing it. When the father sang I wanted to scream. Here is the original version. Colt nor Breslin are good singers. Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes they are not.

I actually liked how they fleshed out the characters and storyline more. That’s why its a not bad.


See East of Eden if you get the chance. Now that movie a star truly was born. Trailer to East of Eden.

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