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Disability is Not a Feeling

I was born with Cerebral Palsy. I use a wheelchair to get around. This is a pretty well-known fact around Groupthink. Throughout my life, I was subjected to lots of bullying and general alienation. So when I see that man on Gawker saying he identifies as a PWD, I get a little angry.

That's bullshit. You don't get to have a shiny minority badge just because it feels good or right to you. Unlike some other identities, disability IS NOT a feeling. You don't wake up and go, "Oh, I feel like a cripple. I belong to this group." My CP is a result of little baby lovelylipstick not getting enough oxygen as I was coming into the world. That's why I am disabled. The reason I am part of this group is a result of my medical diagnoses, regardless of how that makes me feel. And those feelings related to disability? They exist because of what I went through. They are secondary. Without actual PWD status, they wouldn't even be here.


Did you notice he says he doesn't use his chair at work?

This guy wakes up every morning and maybe literally walks to work. Because of this, he doesn't face the stigma we do. He can pee in any stall, walk up the stairs, pick up his fake PWD parking pass he forged, and fit into any doorway. He has the privilege to stop playing when he's annoyed. Do you think somebody who can hit the stop button whenever it gets to be too much is one of us? I've gotten fed up with my life at times. But I still have to suck it up and continue. The lessons I've had to learn give me and every other true PWD perspectives that this man can't understand.

Our experiences aren't games. To anyone thinking, "If that's how he identifies, it's who he is!" you need to try harder. The only reason we are disabled is due what happened to us. I don't "feel" like a woman in a wheelchair. I feel like a human being, but I AM in a wheelchair. The sooner we understand that difference, the sooner things can get better.

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