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And I can’t talk about it with Mexador.

For a few months, we’ve had plans to spend this weekend at a lakefront cabin in Vermont. Maple creamees, cheese from the Coolidge homestead, Ben and Jerrys factory, local ciders, just floating on the lake with beers in hand. 4th of July fireworks echoing off the mountains.


Today Mexador found out his grandfather in Mexico, his last grandparent, died. Luckily, he got to see him late last year for the first time in many years. But his parents are flying down for the funeral and he has to stay home with the dog. I told him right away, if he needs to stay he can, no trouble. And I absolutely mean it, this is more important than a vacation. But we get such little time together with our work schedules and I was really looking forward to having that time with him in my favorite place.

So obviously I can’t tell him I’m disappointed, but I am a bit. Commiserate with me?

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