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My landlord lives in the apartment below me. Part of the reason I'm moving out is because sometimes when she gets upset, she screams and yells, often for quite some time. Often at 3 a.m. She slams the cabinets and stomps around. (She lives alone)

It was very scary for me when this first happened and it's still a little unnerving. I mentioned something once to her about it seeming like she had a bad week, and she's like .. oh I didn't realize the sound traveled. Nothing changed.

Sometimes it'll be quiet for a couple weeks and then she'll have a bad week. I asked a neighbor about it and apparently the previous tenant moved out (partially) for that reason as well.


I feel like this should be disclosed to whomever moves in. I wish someone had told me. I don't know if it would have stopped me from moving in, but I wouldn't have been so freaked out.

What do you think?

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