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Calling all Black Milk Sharkies and Squishable fans! Good news on both fronts!

Black Milk:

If you spend $150.00 or more in the month of December, they will send you a coupon for 20% off an order in January. Only one December order will get you the 20% off in January coupon. But worth it. Terms and conditions. BTW I did nom some cool stuff from the New Year Bling collection.


I love you my Sharkies, and soon-to-be-converted Sharkies.


First...I finally got the adorable pink kitten mini I ordered:

Enough of that, On to the good news on the discount!

Squishable.com, purveyor of cute and cuddly pals, is being amazing with a 15% off code that ENDS TONIGHT.


Y’all are welcome! :D

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