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Discouraged :(

Background: I'm doing a circus aerial intensive program right now and have a small part in an upcoming show.

So I recently got split cast to be a part of an additional scene in the show, which I was really excited about. I know that I wasn't among the top choices to be in the piece, but I studied the choreo even though I didn't think I was going to be in because I really wanted to be in it.

At rehearsal yesterday, my producer / instructor said "I didn't think either of you could do it. I didn't you (person who I'm sharing the part with) were strong enough, and I didn't think your (meaning me) lines were good enough." I guess that implies that we proved her wrong, but I'm feeling kind of bummed out about it.


Because the truth is my lines AREN'T good enough really, and probably will never be as good as many of the people who I train with who have been dancing their whole lives. Normally I don't bother to compare, but now I kind of feel like what's the point of even trying? And I'm envious of people who have lines but don't have strength, because I think that's way easier to build. I just think I'll never be good "enough."

Blergh. I know, what is "enough," we all have our strength and weaknesses, blah blah blah. And I'm probably just tired from a long rehearsal last night and a long rehearsal tonight...but...discouraged nonetheless. :(

Consolation gifs please?

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