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Discover Weekly Playlist

After seeing that post about it on the Discovery Weekly playlist on Spotify, I decided to check mine out. It’s kind of a fun look into what kind of music it thinks I would like. It’s done a great job of finding me artists I’ve never heard of, so it is fulfilling its purpose with me. It’s definitely doing a better job than Pandora’s “Thumbprint” (though, I will admit that list probably gets a little skewed because my favorite playlist on there is 90s pop). I do wish it was like Pandora in that it would tell why it picked that specific song for you (based on your listening to XYZ and ABC, we picked LMNOP for you).

Some of the suggestions made sense, but made me laugh. Like, it had a Brahm’s song for me, presumably based on my playlists of Dvorak and Tchaikovsky. Ha! Fooled you Spotify, I don’t like classical music, I just like Dvorak. :-P

The influence of my frequent listening to Corb Lund is far more evident that my other most common playlist of Neil Diamond.


But, some of the stuff I’ve really enjoyed that it has found me include The Czars and Will Hoge. I’m excited to see what it finds me in the future.

Have you listened to a Discover Weekly playlist yet? Did it help you discover new artists, or did you go “Oh Spotify, you don’t know me at all”?

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