It is important to talk about American's reactions to interracial relationships because it says a lot more about the person reacting and the culture that breeds such a reaction than the relationship itself. Still, there is something lacking in this discussion of interracial relationships:

Other races.

Yes, when a black man/woman and a white woman/man get together, it brings all the racists to the yard, but have you seen people's minds shut down when neither party is white or of the same race?

I'm going to use an example the most rare unicorn pairings in popular culture: African American women and Asian men(either Asian American or from the whole myriad of Asian countries because many Americans thinks Asia is as much a country as Africa). Both sides of the party are raised with a sort of veil of mysticism when it comes to each other. "Do Asian guys even like black women?" "Do black women even like Asian men?". One would think that the answer would be more easy, but it's just so complicated. There is a lot of history and culture that comes with an ethnic or racial class.Very few people have tackled this complicated situation in a nuanced way. People say that directors are too scared of having a black man kissing a white woman, yet nobody mentions that there have been even less instances in movies where an Asian man or a Latino man or any other race of man other than white or black has kissed a black woman. To really break your mind, consider this: what relationship have you seen between an Indian woman and an Asian man in a movie. I have never seen a movie about a black man with a Muslim woman of any color in the united states despite many black Muslims existing in America (My half-sisters, for instance, are Muslim as is their mother). There is a whole spectrum of relationships that film could display.

But don't bring "realism" into the mix.

If we can see movies about talking cars, we can see movies about non-white people dating other non-white people.In fact, there are so many stories out there that could involve hardly any white people at all. There are actual instances in history where these kind of relationships took place, so you can't just wave your hand and say it'll never happen because it did and it does happen. People are more complex, and love is more far-reaching than we are led to believe it is.


This is all to lead me to believe that there is a hint of racism around the debate over interracial relationships. Why does the kind of relationship that get the most attention, the most discussion, it's own genre of pornography, conveniently only involve white people?Some people say that the reason why is because when it's not with white people, it's an intraracial relationship instead of an interracial one. I call bullshit. That sets up white, once again, as the neutral, while other races are a homogenous "Other". Furthermore,people of color have not shown to be above racism if it's not their own race. My mother, for instance, has said some racist things about Asian people that I have to constantly check her on.To go back to the Asian Man/Black Woman pairing situation, were I to date an Asian guy, you can bet there would be a problem.There would be more understanding in many circles were I to date a white guy because you just see it a lot more often.I can't tell you whether it's a chicken or the egg situation, but it's talked about too rarely and in such niche areas that it can't just be a coincidence.