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Discussion: Women's March Guiding Vision & Division of Principles

(I know I just posted but) Bust.com calls this “radical AF” but to me it just reads as “intersectional AF”. I’m not sure I would call it feminist from a purist standpoint (as in, all about women only, no boyz allowed), but I don’t know that it aims to be. It pretty much covers all vulnerable people: women, racial minorities, immigrants (undocumented and documented), low-wage workers, LGBTQIA people, prisoners, victims of violence, etc.

I am still marinating with it, but upon first read, I really appreciate the inclusivity, with the wording often clarifying “particularly women of color” when addressing something, so it’s apparent that they are talking about women, but understanding all women are not equally marginalized.


I think what’s striking me, if this document and the march serve as any foreshadowing for the future, is that it seems a coalition of women, if they manage to be successful in intersectionality, will be leading the progressive movement.

ETA - please critique my observations if you want.



You may recall the march was initially known as the Million Women March - this (obviously) was pretty obtuse towards women of color so they changed it.


White women got pretty annoyed about that. To my knowledge it has died down. Right now, the top organizers involved are women of color.

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