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Disgusting Abuse of Power: TW Sexual Assualt, Abuse of Authority

A police officer in Las Cruces, NM is accused of sexually assaulting a teen. Worse yet, he was a detective with the Special Victim's Unit. His confession / explanation is disgusting to read and even worse to hear. The things he mentions sound like typical grooming behavior, especially the "chicken game" he mentions.

He creeps me out because the way he frames some of the interactions as flirtatious, as well as claiming "the badge gets you the pussy and the pussy gets you the badge,"makes it sound like he uses his authority as a way to get compliance, which means he may have done this to other women. According to the article, he is also accused of raping a teenage cousin. I am beyond horrified.


I am not calling out all cops as terrible abusers of power. But I am saying that when a cop wants to abuse power, he has a nearly limitless supply of it and very few who can stop him. (Male pronoun used here because of the specifics of the story.)

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