You know, the nights when you just will have any excuse to not want the family meal? Or the meal where if you’re invited over you always have a thing already planned?

There are several meals I actively try to avoid that my dad makes. Tonight I was invited over for jambalaya. To clarify, when I had it at a wedding rehearsal dinner where the groom’s family was from Louisiana, it was delicious. My dad’s, on the other hand, qualifies as “wtf you shouldn’t call this jambalaya!”

His seemingly starts okay - holy trinity, andouille sausage, rice. But somehow okra, canned clams, and canned sliced black olives end up in it. Salt attack. And it’s really runny since he uses too much beef stock (why not seafood stock, I don’t know) and not enough rice. I cannot find any reason these ingredients would end in legit jambalaya. I mean, okra I can kind of see since it’s in gumbo.... but still not jambalaya.