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Welcome To The Bitchery
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There was this set produced by Debenhams a few years ago that we loved, but were a) too poor, b) too cheap, and c) too transient to get them. As a gift, my (now) husband got me two bowls from the collection and we cherish them. Flash forward 5 or so years, and now we're more similar to grown ups.

And yet, our dishes are all from second hand stores, which in and of itself would be okay except that they're old, chipped, held together with glue, and practically turn purple in the microwave. We've looked for other dishes and never found any that we liked. We didn't even have dishes on our wedding list!


BUT my wonderful husband found someone on ebay, not toooo far away from us, selling a pretty much full set. So we bought them. Yes guys, these dishes will soon be in my grubby mitts:

Illustration for article titled Dishes!

Now I wish I could get a hold of all the other pieces (there's a carafe, various teapots, all that shit) but this will work.

Now, to sort out our cutlery which most has come from my work cafeteria (ahem) and our drinking glasses which are all old jam jars.

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