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Dismissing Feature Runs Amok! Amok! Amok!

I'm noticing a minor trend on the MP. I, for one, do not approve of this trend.

This trend is using the 'Dismiss' button to dismiss, not trolls—not people leaving nasty photos—but people who disagree with the author and who are disagreeing reasonably and respectfully.

I get it. You've got a dismiss button. You don't want your article to be challenged. Never mind that it stops critical thinking. Never mind that it would be a great platform to address the points. Never mind that. NO ONE MUST DISAGREE! I don't want to bring up Godwin's Law here, people, but it does have a very totalitarian feel.


As well, it stops critical thought. Don't like what is being said about your article. ADDRESS IT. SAY SOMETHING. Not that my opinion matters all that much, but I find the sections where the authors address legitimate arguments really, really interesting and useful.


Yeah. I'll pay for saying that at some point, when I act like a big baby over some issue or something. The thing is, I know there will be people here who will call me on it. Hell, even when those people piss me the fuck off, at least they make me think.

Is it really supposed to be Author as God/Goddess/King/Queen here? Bah.

Not a good business model.

This is, of course, my opinion only. Fine by me. Feel free to disagree in the comments. I'll only dismiss trolling or icky pictures.

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