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Just saw that they are making a sequel to really shitty live-action version of Maleficient... and my reaction is UGH. I thought it was a terrible movie, and that’s from someone who LOVED the animated Disney version, the ballet, and cheesy 80s TV movie version... It’s hard to make me hate one of my favorite fairy tales and villains... but alas, it was crap. That I’m sure they are following up with even crappier crap.

I really hate that Disney is putting so much into these live-action movies. At best (Cinderella) they largely retread the same plot and aesthetics as the animated version. But if they recreate it too closely (Beauty and the Beast) it’s just impossible to top the magic of the original animated version. And with movies that are focused on animal characters (Dumbo, Lion King) what exactly is the point, when the “live-action” just means CGI, ie, a different version of animation?


I would rather they put their energy into making new animated stories, or even live-action version of stories they haven’t told before. I’m so disappointed that the box office returns and reviews of the Nutcracker and the Four Realms were dismal, because it’s probably discouraged them from trying again. And I’m not sure what the hell was wrong with the critics—based on the reviews, I didn’t get my hopes up, but when I finally saw it I thought it was fantastic. It was a fun, steampunk portal fantasy that had just the right blend of the original story and new twists.

Anyone else have feelings about the Disney live-action movies?

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