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I know this was on Jez a few years ago, but the demilked coverage is new and it's been popping up on my newsfeed today so I figured I'd share it here as well.

In her series Fallen Princesses Vancouver photographer Dina Goldstein illustrates what happened to the Disney princesses after their fairytales ended.


At first, I thought it was a really interesting concept and that it would be used to disprove some of the problematic stereotypes associated with Disney Princesses (always in need of rescuing, only care about finding love, etc).

Instead, the images just make me uneasy, and I think they create more problems/stereotypes than then solve. They're really heavy-handed in pointing out that men don't help around the house and women have to take care of all the behbehs (Snow White) or that without a man you need a lot of cats (Pochontas). And the Little Red Riding Hood one is just blatant fat-shaming because LOL GETTING FAT IS THE WORST.

ETA: And I don't even have the words to address the Princess Jasmine image....just...no.

Blech. What do you guys think?

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