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In a mere two weeks, I'm taking my family to Disneyworld. I may be freaking out a tiny bit.


I've done family trips before with no problems, but Disney feels... different. I feel like there's an optimal way to do the Disney thing, and if you don't know it, you end up spending the whole day in lines and dropping a couple grand for nothing. Already, I've had a few regulars look aghast that I'm going in JUNE and not some other more optimal month.

Other things worrying me:

  • My husband can't stand the heat, AT ALL. He's also refusing to wear lighter clothing / shoes / etc because "it won't make a difference."
  • My son is 13, and has entered the stage where he's too cool for anything. This behavior goes crazy around my parents, mostly because they still want to treat him like he's eight.
  • Oh, and my parents will be there. My step-dad will be fine, but my mother has trouble taking direction. She likes to switch up a plan at the last minute. "Oh, I know you have 5pm reservations there, but look at this place! I'm sure the wait isn't too long!"

At least my daughter (6) is 100% into it. The only problem with her is that she doesn't really like any of the Disney movies I've shown her so far. My last hope is that she'll dig Frozen.

So, any Disneyworld regulars have any tips for me?

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