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Disney's Hunchback at La Jolla Playhouse

Hark, Disney and musical theatre nerds! Remember how Disney tried out a stage adaptation of Hunchback of Notre-Dame in Germany and it went okay but Disney were worried an English version wouldn't fly because audiences wouldn't like how relatively dark and weird it is for a Disney show and Esmeralda dies at the end? Well it's not going to Broadway but they workshopped it out of town at two theatres. Watch the bootlegs of a few scenes before they vanish off YouTube!

Although it's not quite as true to the novel, and some people mightn't like the staging, I actually consider this a far better pass at the source material than the batshit French pop rock version that has been playing somewhere in Europe (and/or Korea) since the mid 90s. The score certainly translates very well to stage.

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