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Disordered Eating (TW)

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Someone I love is spiraling right now and it seems like it came out of nowhere. I knew she had OCD but she never seemed fixated on her weight before? She didn't use to talk about it so much or to count calories. She's been on tons of antidepressant-type meds for ages and she is scaling some of them back now with her doctor's supervision, except I think she decided his drawing-down plan was too slow for her and cut a couple out right away because they are known to cause weight gain. So she's quitting meds that keep her well mentally, because she thinks they make her too fat. :( She seems to be doing pretty bad lately, but either won't admit it's because she stopped taking those meds or is determined not to go back on them anyway.


I know her medical decisions are none of my business. If she is tired of taking a certain medication because the side effects bother her, it's not my place to tell her she can't do that. She lives with family members and sees her GP and therapist regularly, so she isn't alone or unsupervised. But she's been obsessively food journaling, and showed me some entries for days where she barely ate at all. And she talks about it incessantly when we hang out now, and it just makes me feel sick. She is consumed by this desire for thinness, until her worth as a person is tied to it. Seeing a friend go through this, it's like a horrible flashback to high school. I hate it. I've told her how I feel about it, that I love her and I want her to take care of herself, to be healthy. She says she doesn't care about being healthy, just about being thin, and I just want to shake her. It makes me so mad to hear her say that, which is awful and unfair to her.

I just want to interfere, to intervene, to fix. I want to ask her if she's been honest about all this with her GP, and what he says about it all. Surely if he knew he'd be concerned right? Surely if her family knew they would be concerned?


I'm so scared right now. I've been in some dark places myself in terms of eating and body image, and this just feels like too much for me to handle. I don't even know how to be a good friend to someone who wants to get thin because it brings up so much history for me. I don't want to be one of those people who sabotages someone's diet by offering them cake all the time. But I honestly feel like she's going overboard.


(Also, I had some formatting issues with trying to put in a puppy photo, so sorry if the post comes out weird)

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