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I’m complaining here because my posts no longer appear on jez (my comments aren’t grey, they literally just don’t appear to post up to the site. Hello commenting limbo).

Today, a bunch of longterm commenters, me included, spoke out (mostly in self-contained threads, with each other and not in a way that would be seen as “harrassing” the authors) on a couple of “non-related” articles about a story that has since been taken down and apologized for by the senior staff at Gawker. The story itself was appalling, but even if it hadn’t been, creating a community where members can voice dissent about editorial content (not trolling, but legitimate criticism) should be a priority for any site that even remotely espouses feminist ideals.

A few of us who spoke out have been summarily banned. It’s upsetting to get kicked out of a community that’s an internet-home for you, but it’s even more upsetting to see that the site ate its words and apologized but we’re still banned. I guess the hypocrisy stings pretty bad.


I don’t really want to abandon the avatar I’ve had since I started hanging out in the jez commentariat, what seems like forever ago. I’ve gone through several greyings/ungreyings in the past, and I hope that this too shall pass. Any suggestions from commenters about getting unbanned are welcome. Any suggestions for funny temporary handles are also welcome. Any commiseration from fellow banned commenters is of course also welcome so: let’s have a gif party.

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