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Hi all! I’m posting for the first time in quite awhile... i managed to get logged out of kinja on my phone and typing on the iPad with a newborn is... impossible.

Our little peanut is doing well, though she is not gaining weight at the correct rate. We’re working on it. I’m home with baby and doggo til late March, while Mr. Carbs is back at work. I talked on the phone today with a student- it was nice to feel connected ... some days I wish I was back at work, lol.

Anyway.... moms! Tell me, share with me... what was it like for you? Postpartum, maternity leave, staying at home/not returning to work... I just want to read your stories. What was it like? How was baby? We’re you able to eat? If so, what? Did you breastfeed? Formula? Did you do the formula dance? How did they sleep?


I exclusively breastfed for the first week, them began supplementing with formula at every feed to help her gain weight. We’ve done enfamil regular, gentleease, soy formula, and now similac nutrimegen (something like that, it’s super expensive and stinky lol). She has issues with gas and spitting up, though the gas is getting better. For the past two weeks, she’s slept 11:30 to 4ish... we’ll see if it sticks.

I’m kinda bored at home tbh. It’s so hard to get anything done though.

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