I’ve been in the hospital since Wednesday. My outpatient laparoscopy turned into an open abdominal gallbladder removal. I spent yesterday since 7 pm till 10:30 am sleeping, then 11:30 am I fell asleep while my sister was here and slept until 4:30 or so. I’m finally on solid food today and I also farted, to big things after abdominal surgery. I walked down the hall and didn’t feel like my guts were falling out and didn’t have to rest once, which is a big improvement over yesterday. The food service guy looks like Fred Armisten, and has his accent from his role on “Parks and Recreation”. Swear to god would not be surprised if he was Fred Armisten.

Apparently my gallbladder was gangrenous, per the labs, so no wonder it was such a mess. I’m lucky they took it out before it burst or something. Trying to decide if I want to watch “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” or not. I’ve seen it once, and can’t decide if it is so bad it’s good or just bad bad.

Hope you all have a good night!