If you follow me on FB or Twitter, you know that most of my posting is centered around adorable pictures of my cats. I adopted them off the streets at about 3 weeks and 5 weeks old, and despite the first week's wariness, they've been the best of friends since.

On Friday, I was feeding them. The three of them were walking together towards their bowls when one of them spooked — I think they bumped into each other — and they had the most vicious fight I've ever seen. We had to separate all three and they were pretty scratched up. The next afternoon they were all peacefully sleeping in my lap again, but suddenly they freaked out again and needed to be separated.

Since then the two sisters have accepted each other, but neither of them will tolerate poor Gozer. I'm aware this sudden outburst of aggression is considered 'displaced aggression' and we're attempting to re-acclimate them to each other as if they had never lived together. It's just incredibly frustrating.

Has anyone else dealt with this? How long did it take your cats to calm down?

Proof of happier times: