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Distract me, GT

Edit: I will be updating this the rest of the evening because I cannot believe this fuckery.

My mom just showed up at my house unannounced, bag in hand. She's already declared she's sleeping here tonight. Fuck.

Update: I am hiding in my bedroom like a teenager IN MY OWN APARTMENT. She is vacuuming a spot on the living room floor to sleep on because she'd rather sleep on the floor than my couch. Also, she called me fat within 5 minutes of being here, so there's that.


Update: so I just cried in my closet on the phone to my boyfriend for 15 minutes.

Update: I told her I don't want her here. She didn't listen. She acknowledged that she knows I don't like her, and then she didn't do anything about it.

Update: I am utterly depressed. I am the saddest I have been in years, and I am going to bed before 10:00pm. I made dinner that I won't even eat. I'll probably shower at the gym at work, just to get away from her.

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