Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm waiting to hear back about a job AND I'M GOING CRAZY. I can't stop checking my email, even though my phone buzzes every time I get an email so there is no reason to refresh the page every 5 minutes.

It's a nanny job through my agency that works perfectly with my class schedule (which is not very conducive to what most families are looking for). I met with the family yesterday and I thought it went well, but now I'm second guessing everything. My boss told me beforehand that the mom was super nice, but very chatty and to be prepared to be there for awhile (the mom also bumped the time of the meeting up so they wouldn't "only have an hour" with me). I was only there for 40 minutes, which I would normally think was on the long side, but now I'm convinced they didn't like me for some reason. I'm kind of quiet and shy when I first meet people so now I'm worried that I didn't talk enough or something. I mean, I'm pretty sure it was probably a little shorter because the kids were there and were acting a little crazy and not listening to their mom. And yes, I'm aware it's only been 24 hours and I need to chill out. I'm trying.


I tried to distract myself on Facebook but then there were all these Ferguson posts and I had to hide people to keep my blood pressure normal. GT can't even distract me with gifs or photos of cats and dog cuddling.

So distract me with your words GT. What are you up to today? Let's chat about anything!

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