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Disturbing Facebook Post

I was just scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across a picture which I found so utterly inappropriate that I will not repost it here. Child Death trigger warning, with a description of the Facebook post to follow:

It was a picture of a deceased infant, lying in a casket which had been captioned by the OP “Don’t just scroll past this little cutie without typing rip in the comments”.

I was seeing it because a rather eccentric Facebook friend had commented on it, presumably to type rip. She is also a sucker for posting fake “like this child’s picture and Facebook will pay for their medical treatment.” Pictures.


I am willing to lay money on this being a post created by some attention whore who obtained the picture somewhere online, as they don’t seem to be referencing the child’s identity anywhere (It’s this little cutie, instead of my child, or something). I reported it to Facebook so hopefully they will do something about it.

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