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Diversify YA

For those of you who don't know, books are really important to me. They are my favorite thing to talk about, write about, and think about. Especially Young Adult books.

I write Young Adult.

Right now I am working on a young adult novel where my character is in a relationship with another girl. It's not a major plot point, it's just that when I was imagining the character and I was imagining her significant other they were both girls, so I just wrote them the way they were in my head.


As it turns out this is still a freaking issue. I've had friends tell me they 'couldn't identify' with my lead because she liked girls.

Or that if it was going to be in there it needed to 'be a major plot point'.

But I'm tired of writing 'coming out' stories. And honestly, I hadn't realized this was an issue we still were dealing with where people 'couldn't identify' with a lead because of the gender of her partner.


Which is why I was really happy this morning when one of my friends linked me to this site.

Diversify YA is celebrating pride month this October and they're giving away some books and doing other neat things on the site. (I am not affiliated with them in anyway). So, if you love books, especially YA books, and want to see more diversity in the protagonists, go check out that site, and maybe win some free books.

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