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Welcome To The Bitchery

A friend of mine linked to this piece on FB, and I think it's an incredibly important piece for the adult children of abusive parents to read (TW: emotional abuse).

There is a really big stigma in society against people who are estranged from their parents, even though we fully acknowledge that there are plenty of shitty parents in the world. What seems so easiest to forget is that the parent/child relationship continues well into adulthood, and it's not like these awful parents suddenly realize their kid is an adult and begins respecting them. As an adult, you should have the freedom to decide who you want to associate with. But when it comes to your own parents, everyone strongly urges you to repair something that's probably already well broken. It's a tough place to be in, since society seems to have us conditioned to believe in deathbed regret.


Keeping yourself in a bad relationship of any kind is strongly discouraged, I hope the linked article helps more of us who are estranged from our parents remember we are doing what's best and right for us.

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