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DIY haircut

From the ages of 18-28, I cut my own hair. I even did haircuts for friends in my dorm. My adage is, as it always was, "the good thing about hair* is that it grows."

I once heard that a woman cutting her own hair in times of emotional distress was "disturbing," but I've always found it liberating. Plus, my long hair that my stylist insists I will want for my wedding, is just not me.


What say you, GT? Can a haircut be "disturbing"? And should I take the plunge again? I love, love, love Lena Headey's short bob (pictured). And, clearly, paying actual money for a haircut isn't really in my future, anyway.

*except Papa Farce's, he's been bald since he was 15. Totally rocks the Telly Savalas with a goatee look, though. Shiny!

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