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Welcome To The Bitchery
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DIY Juice Cleanse: Day the LAST

Sorry guys, I didn't do an update yesterday. I was just too tired. I napped most of the evening, then went to bed and could barely get up this morning.

So that pretty much sums up my experience haha! I didn't really get truly hungry until this evening, so thank goodness I can eat a real breakfast (yeah, I know, start small, I will, but REAL FOOD) tomorrow. The beet juice was painful though. I was hungry, and knew I needed the nutrients, but OH GOD IT WAS HARD.


Also, they say you can exercise on one of these? Don't. Please don't. The one I did is pretty high in calories for a juice cleanse, and I was barely breaking 1,000 calories a day. That shit isn't healthy, if you exercise you're just depriving yourself of more calories, until you get to a point where you literally cannot function.

But I lost three pounds? Ish? This is definitely not a miracle diet. If you do it more than three days, sure, you'd probably lose a LOT more weight, but it's also the least healthy way to lose weight ever. At least, on purpose.


BUT, I did it. I fucking did it. I am very proud of myself for accomplishing this, even though I wanted to give up the first day. Points for extreme stubbornness!

His Majesty and I already have epic plans for burgers and nachos this weekend.

Buh bye slight weight loss, it was nice for the two days you stuck around LOL!

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