Hi GT! What are some things (products, services, etc) that you’re happier doing/making yourself rather than paying for? What things would you rather pay for than do yourself?

My DIY list:

1. Most food. I am pretty happy in the kitchen and I think a day spent in there experimenting is a day well-spent.

2. Deodorant. Everyone makes fun of me for this, but I hate commercial deodorants and all the “natural” deodorants just make me smell like B.O. with a hint of lavender, which is not pleasant for anyone.

3. Pretty much anything knitted. Sure, I can buy that scarf RIGHT now for ten bucks, OR I could spent 30.00 on too much yarn, spend about an hour knitting until I inevitably fuck up, rip the whole thing back, try again, knit for ten hours straight until my hands bleed, and finally end up with a scarf that I will only wear once before it takes permanent residence in my closet. I have no idea why I always think I like scarves.

My buy list:

1. Oil change for my car. I don’t care how easy it is. I don’t care that you’re willing to show me how to do it. I don’t care that you will do it for me if I just buy the filter. NO. I’m going to Jiffy Lube, dammit.


2. Gardening/yardwork. I love having a yard but I pretty much loathe all of the upkeep that comes with it and would rather pay someone else to do it for me. For those of you who enjoy gardening and yardwork, I totally respect you for it. Will you please come over and mow my lawn?

3. Thai food. Despite my culinary acheivements, Thai cuisine is something I have never been able to do well. I have begrudgingly accepted that if I want good Thai food I will have to buy it.

Et tu?