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So I've been trying to make my living room look decent, and paint over the darker greenish color that was there that a) made my furniture look horrible and b) the room seem tiny because it doesn't get a ton of natural light and a dark color was stupid.

So to go with my furniture I wanted a very light, cool toned grayish lavender. In my first disastrous attempt at paint colors the one I picked out was way darker and WAY pinker than I wanted, and even the color correction for the second coat didn't not help.

So I just repainted and learned my lesson and I have the color right now (Sherwin Williams white iris!) and I've done my first coat. It looks okay but definitely could use a second coat if I don't do what I want.


What I want to do... Because my furniture is dramatic and I feel like the walls need something more... Is stripes. Not anything too crazy, but basically I painted in eggshell and I want to do stripes of the same color but in semi gloss.

Here are my concerns/pleas for advice

1) it's a super old house so the plaster/lath is that kind that has tiny little bumps on it (seriously what is this called? I can't find on google to even google this) and some imperfections and I'm worried that semi gloss is not going to be a good fit? If the stripes look like crap if like to paint it all over in semi gloss for the second coat to brighten up the space (and because I'll have already bought and paint is effing expensive and the space is smaller and darker and could use brightening). So please give your opinion on both!

2) I'm 100 for vertical stripes because my furniture is older styled and I feel horizontal stripes are too modern, but it's a 14 ft ceilings with molding about a foot down. The Internet seems to think that horizontal stripes are called for but I disagree?

3) Best thoughts for how to set up the stripes and tape off? I'm thinking 12 in stripes but how to make sure they're straight up and down? A level? Taping seems like the most onerous part so any tips on how to make it easier and not mess up that would be great.


TIA!! (I hear that's our cool new abbreviation for thanks in advance :) )

ETA: This is a helpful site that tells me I think it's Perlite finish? It's the closest, although the bumps are bigger than what is shown there


Also: not great photo for reference:

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