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DJ 'Thulu's Mad Playlists: Love and Sex and Magic The Gathering

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So, I tried to think of a regular thing I could bring to the GT table. We get Daily Dumps and TMIs, but what we really need.. is fat beats, yo!


Sorry, I'll stop that.

Anyhoo, one of my many loves is music. Rock, pop, country, blues, jazz.. to look at my iPod is to risk madness. So I figgered I'd share my madness with the people I like, but with a method. Yes, that means only one thing.. themes.


For my first theme, I decided to take two big events of the weekend. With one of our own getting hitched and Penabler having the sweet shuckie-duckie, I decided to toss in music about love, lust, and a wee bit of the dorkiness for good measure. Because, well.. I'm me.

So cuddle up with the loved one of your choice, and get ready to tap that ass for 2 mana.


1: "Nerd Lust" by Schaffer The Darklord. Because I wanted to start off mellow with a touch of my own carnal/romantic preferences. And STD is Nerdcore's Barry White.. TRUFAX!

2: "10,000 Nights" by Alphabeats. Light, boppy, and really.. we need more songs that refer to Wuthering Heights.

3: "Alternative Girlfriend" by Barenaked Ladies. Because sometimes love is trying to find that next better thing.

4: "All For Love" by Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams, and Sting. Man card or no, I just always fucking loved this song.

5: "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo" by The Bloodhound Gang. Flipping the script because, well.. sometimes it's just about cattleprodding the oyster ditch with the laprocket

6:"Gonna Make You Happy Tonight": by Tripod. Because love is love, but there are priorities.

7: "This Kiss" by Faith Hill. Because sometimes the first one makes all the difference.

8:"Racy Lacey" by Girls Aloud. No slut-shaming here, let's hear it for the women that know what they want.

9:"The Walk": by Imogen Heap. Because sometimes, you can't have love without temptation.

10:"Romantic Cheapskate v2.0" by Mc Frontalot. Start with the nerds, end with them. Because .. well, listen to it!

As will be the rule, feel free to post links to songs that fit the theme. All new music is appreciated.



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